What’s in the new Omaha Public Library card?

Omaha Public library has updated its public library card to include the word “biscuit” as a symbol.

The Omaha Public Libraries card also contains the words “bicycle”, “pizza”, “golf” and “beer” but it has no “bismuth” symbol.

“Our goal with this card is to make Omaha’s public libraries more accessible and more appealing to everyone, regardless of their background or income,” Omaha Public libraries spokesperson Lisa Stempel said.

“It is an important part of our library network and one of our greatest assets.”

The new Omaha card has a “public” logo and an “Omaha” symbol in the upper left hand corner.

It says: Omaha Publiclibrary is a public, public benefit corporation.

Omaha Public is a not-for-profit, nonprofit corporation, incorporated in Washington state in 1982.

The cards were initially released in November and included a reference to Omaha Public schools, the city of Omaha, and Omaha Public hospitals.

“We’re excited about the new card,” Stempl said.

The card has been endorsed by the Omaha City Council, which has pledged $500,000 in support of the card.

“The Omaha city council has committed to supporting our public libraries as they work to provide access to the information we need to be successful,” said John Deere, mayor of Omaha.

“As a city, we are committed to creating a community that is inclusive, inclusive of all, and that’s what we intend to do,” Deere said.

Omahans library cards were first released in late 2015, and have been used at the library since.

Stempel is hopeful the cards will attract more patrons to the library.

“I think the public, as a whole, are getting a little bit more aware of Omaha’s resources and the things that are available in our community,” she said.

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