What you need to know about public schools

A new survey finds that in the U.S. more than half of elementary school students are at risk of having a sex offender as they prepare to graduate from high school.

In the first survey of its kind in the country, a consortium of educators and parents from more than a dozen public and private elementary schools and public and charter schools in 15 states gathered data from 1,800 students from the first grade through 12th grade, in both the state of Ohio and the city of Dayton, Ohio.

In all, the survey found that the average student is at risk for a sex offense by the time they graduate from middle school.

The survey also found that about 8 percent of students are sexually assaulted in the first year after entering high school, and 3 percent of those are sexually abused in middle school, while 13 percent of the students were sexually assaulted during their freshman year.

It’s important to note that this survey only examined students who graduated from high schools and did not include students who are in middle or junior high.

But the survey also included students who had graduated from middle schools or junior colleges, and those students were also included in the analysis.

In addition to the numbers, the parents surveyed said that schools should consider making the transition to “gender neutral” seating and gender neutral bathrooms, in which students can use the same bathroom, locker room and locker room facilities.

In addition, parents said that the new policies should be enforced in school.

The report was conducted by the Ohio Department of Education, which is part of the U,S.

Department of Justice.

It is the largest survey of students in the nation, and the results were released on Monday.

The Department of Labor, which administers the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the school health programs, were not involved in the study.