Why we’re so worried about measles in the UK

We’re worried about the spread of the measles in Britain, the Health Secretary has warned.

The UK’s new chief medical officer has also warned that the country faces “the most severe pandemic since the pandemic of the 19th century”.

“There is now a clear and present danger of the spread and spread of this potentially life-threatening disease to the UK,” Jeremy Hunt said.

“We are now living with an unprecedented pandemic and the situation is very serious.”

In a briefing for the government, the NHS chief executive, Simon Stevens, said there was “clear and present” risk of the pandemics’ “worst-case scenario” occurring in the United Kingdom.

The US has reported a record number of confirmed cases with the US government reporting more than 2,000 new cases, with more than half of those cases linked to the Disneyland outbreak.

The British Health Minister has also called on the Government to increase the number of people immunised with the vaccine.

The government has already raised its target for the vaccine to 1.3 million doses by the end of 2019, and in January it announced it would be offering a further 50,000 doses by December 2020.

Mr Stevens said the UK had “an unprecedented pandemic” and warned that if the pandems continued, the number could be “well over 100,000”.

“If we do not get the vaccine, we are going to have a very serious pandemic,” he said.

Mr Hunt said that “a lot of things are going wrong” in the US, where a “dramatic increase in cases” had been reported.

“There’s been a significant increase in infections, but a significant decrease in deaths and the vast majority of the cases are in children under 12,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“The number of deaths has gone up substantially, and we have a significant decline in the number and proportion of people with severe and serious illness who are getting the vaccine.”

The UK government said it was “committed” to tackling the pandEME, which it described as “one of the most serious global public health challenges”.

“As well as the UK, there are a number of other countries, including France, Spain, and the United States, that have reported a significant rise in cases and a decrease in the proportion of adults with severe illness,” it said.

The Department of Health said it had “received reports of significant increases” in infections in the past two weeks, and was urging people to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

“For the time being, the government has increased the number that are immunised and is working to ensure that as many people as possible are immunized, including adults, children and the elderly,” a spokesman said.

‘Very serious’ outbreak ‘widespread’ The outbreak has sparked concern about a pandemic spreading in the Americas.

A statement from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the number “has increased significantly in the last week and continues to increase”.

“This could have global implications,” the statement said.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Wednesday that “the United States has been attacked by a very dangerous virus”.

He has since suggested that the disease may have originated in Africa, and US officials have said they are concerned that a similar strain of the virus is in circulation in parts of China.

The White House has not released details about the pandemaker, and Mr Hunt has said the US is working closely with China to tackle the outbreak.