How to hunt a turkey with a shotgun

A hunting shotgun is often used for the ultimate in recreation.

However, it can also be used for hunting.

The shotgun can be used to kill an animal that would otherwise be a threat to human safety.

So how do you do it?

Here are the basics: 1.

Make sure you’re properly trained to use the gun.

It’s important that you are trained properly with the gun, to be able to shoot accurately.

To make this easier, we’ve created a list of common firearm safety questions that you should ask yourself before you get started.

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If you’re going to shoot an animal, make sure you are familiar with its size and make sure that you can easily take the gun down safely.


Take your time to learn about the animal.

Do not rush to attack it, or attempt to do so at any point.

If your aim is off, the animal will be more likely to survive the shot.


When you shoot, try to be gentle and take your time.

A turkey is a highly mobile animal, so it may be tempting to rush into an attack.

This can lead to the bird falling to the ground or getting caught in a trap or wire.


Know your target’s movements.

If possible, make yourself aware of the movements of the bird before shooting.

For example, a bird can be spotted moving from one side of the field to the other.

A good shot at a target may be easy to miss.


Take a bird’s eye, as it will give you an idea of its size, speed, and weight.


If the bird is a small bird, try shooting from the side or in front of the animal, rather than behind.

If it is larger, you may want to move your weapon closer to the animal to get a better shot.


If an animal is a large bird, shoot from behind or from the back.

The animal’s front legs may be visible, but not its front feet.


If there is a strong, protruding ridge or other obstruction, you should make a shot at the animal from a safe distance away from it. 10.

If a small animal has a strong talon or claw, shoot at it from behind.

This will make it easier to hit.


A large bird may have a strong neck and head.

It is best to shoot it from the rear, so as not to get in its eyes.


It may be a good idea to use a magnifying glass or a shotgun scope to see if the bird you’re aiming at is small enough to be easily shot from the front.


Take the time to practice.

Make yourself aware and practice shooting the animal for several times to make sure it is accurately aiming at you.


When shooting, try not to rush at an animal.

This may cause the bird to fall.


If shooting an animal and you are using a shotgun, aim the shotgun accurately.

If not, use the magnifying glasses to help the animal hit the target.


It can be tricky to get the bird down safely, and if you have to shoot the animal while being hit by a car, the shotgun will likely ricochet and hit the vehicle, instead of the turkey.

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If hunting for wild game, it’s a good time to make a trip to the range to shoot.

Make a trip if you can, as the turkey may be more easily hunted if it is on your property.


Make it a point to hunt all of your turkey hunting trips.

The more you hunt, the more you’ll see a turkey on your family’s property, and the more opportunities you’ll have to hunt.

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