Best public universities in England – Birmingham Public Schools

Birmingham Public School pupils get up to four hours of free sleep a night, according to the latest figures released by the National Sleep Foundation.

The NSPF released the figures ahead of the end of school and summer holidays on Monday.

It said that the average sleep duration of pupils at the public schools in Birmingham is 3.5 hours a night.

“While many schools across the country are improving, Birmingham is making significant strides to improve pupils’ quality of life,” the NSPFS chief executive, Sally McManus, said.

She said Birmingham’s school holidays were a “crucial time” for pupils, with more than two-thirds of pupils leaving school without sleeping.

Some parents have complained of not being allowed to sleep during their children’s summer holidays.

In a statement, the Birmingham City Council said: “We are proud to have Birmingham City Schools in the top five public schools for student satisfaction with their sleep.”

The Birmingham School and College Council said it was committed to ensuring that the pupils’ experience was “good for learning, good for learning well and good for the health and wellbeing of the whole community”.

It added: “The council is committed to the very best quality of sleep for all pupils in the city.”

A spokesman for the National Education Trust, which runs Birmingham schools, said that while it was not always possible to achieve perfect sleep, pupils were encouraged to be as active as possible.

He added: “”The National Education Foundation (Nefi) are working hard to bring together all levels of education and support parents in supporting pupils to maximise their time with the most important and valuable people in their lives.

“We believe in providing as much support as possible for parents who choose to use school holidays to spend time with their children.”

But, with that comes the responsibility of supporting parents to make sure their children get the best possible sleep for their most important time.

“Birmingham Schools are committed to supporting parents with all the resources they need to make the most of their summer holiday, including free school meals and school bus passes.”

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