The secret behind Madison Public Library’s “magic” Christmas book

The Madison Public Libraries is one of the country’s largest and most innovative libraries, with more than a million books and more than 200,000 articles on its website.

But when it comes to the magic of Christmas, the library has yet to produce a Christmas book.

The magic of the library is the fact that its Christmas book was a book of its own, which was created by the library’s digital team in collaboration with the company that creates books on a shoestring budget.

“The book was created entirely by the Madison Public library staff,” said Adam Gajewski, an assistant library manager, in a phone interview.

“We had to hire the right people for the job.”

A few weeks after Christmas, a team of about 30 staffers took a few days off to travel to New York to meet with library patrons and collect samples of their favourite Christmas books.

A staff member brought home a Christmas-themed cookbook, with recipes ranging from gingerbread to chocolate mousse, and the book was published by the Library of Congress in 2016.

A year later, the team came back to Madison and started the process of building a Christmas Christmas book that was “the best thing that’s ever happened to Madison Public libraries,” Gajews said.

“There was so much excitement and a lot of energy.

Everyone loved it.”

The team then sent a small batch of the finished book to the Library.

It was printed on a glossy, black paper and was a collaboration between the library and a local printer.

“It was the first time we had created a Christmas product that’s been sold commercially,” Gaijewski said.

Gajewski said the team went through a lot in the three weeks leading up to Christmas.

The team had to decide whether the book should have a Christmas title or just a holiday greeting, and which items would go into the book and which wouldn’t.

“Each day we’d be thinking about the holiday and what we needed to do to make sure the book made the most of the season,” he said.

The final product, which had more than 100 illustrations by the team, was published in 2018.

The book is the only one produced by the collection, and was signed by Gajewks team, who also collaborated on the book’s packaging and other details.

“They’re very professional and it’s just a pleasure to be a part of this,” Giambs said.

He said the book is a success in part because it is the first one to incorporate local recipes, but also because it features many Christmas traditions.

“Christmas is a big part of the life of a library,” he explained.

“This book has an idea of what a Christmas experience is.”

For the library, Christmas was also a way to celebrate its 75th anniversary this year.

The library is a part-time museum that is the third-oldest of all libraries in the US, and Giams said that the book has been a great way to show its commitment to the past and its future.

“I feel a lot more comfortable talking about history and about the people who were involved in it,” he added.

“This is a good reminder of what Christmas is all about and what makes it special.”

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