Trump blasts school leaders for failing to address racial disparity in students, teachers

The president of the nation’s largest school district is accusing school leaders of failing to adequately address racial disparities in student achievement.

Trump issued his strongest attack on school leaders in a series of tweets on Thursday.

He also criticized school board members for failing “to act in the best interest of their students” and the federal government for providing $4 billion in federal funding to help schools.

“I am so frustrated with school boards across America who are not doing enough to address the systemic issues that I believe must be addressed before they have the chance to rebuild,” Trump said in a tweet.

“School boards must now act in our best interest and be accountable to the American people.

They cannot continue to ignore our students.”

Trump has repeatedly called for school reform and for the federal funding that helped pay for the schools.

The president of a district in Florida accused of failing students, a state lawmaker and the governor of Florida of trying to “hide behind the fact that blacks and Hispanics are underperforming.”

Trump called the accusations “irresponsible” and “disgraceful.”

He also accused the school district of trying “to hide behind the lie that the black and Hispanic student population is underperforming and underperforming as a whole.”

The district is in Florida’s Lake Worth district, which has a majority black population.

The district is known for its low dropout rate and low graduation rates.

A district spokesperson told CNN the district is reviewing the tweets and will issue a statement.

“The district has taken numerous actions, including training on diversity and equity,” the spokesperson said.

“As a result, there are significant gaps in achievement across our student population and across the district.

While there are gaps in some areas, there is no evidence that any specific group is under performing or underperforming in the classroom.”

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