When your kids say “you” in a public place, is there a legal obligation to answer?

PUBLIC LIBRARY: When your children say “You” in public places, is it legal for you to ignore them?

It depends on what your kids are asking for and what your law says.

Public libraries and schools are under a legal microscope because of the growing number of children asking for help with things like spelling, math and reading.

The ACLU of Southern California recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a 16-year-old girl who said she was forced to read to her father while he read to the school.

It’s a case the group says is the first to be brought by a child against a public school in the United States.

“Public libraries have the responsibility to provide an environment free of harassment and bullying, but public school students can’t expect their parents to step up to help them in those times of crisis,” ACLU attorney John Mays said in a statement.

According to a February 2016 report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a national nonprofit that works to reduce the mental health and mental health issues in the US, 2.1 million Americans have some form of mental illness, including 1.7 million children.

While that’s a significant number, according to the report, a lot of these children and teens aren’t being told by their parents or teachers that they have a mental illness.

That’s because many public schools don’t ask students about their symptoms and symptoms of mental health problems are often ignored.

But in some states, it’s not only schools that are cracking down on bullying, it is also parents.

In California, for instance, a new law took effect this year requiring public schools to give students a “safe space” to read.

Parents are also expected to give their children a “good night kiss” at the end of each day and keep them out of trouble during school hours, the bill says.

In California state law, the parents of students with a diagnosed mental illness have the right to call 911 for an “emergency call.”

And parents can also call 911 and have their child referred to an appropriate professional if they think their child has a mental health problem.

But many parents and teachers say these laws aren’t enough to keep students safe.

“[It’s] not enough for the parents to come to school and say, ‘We have to get our kids out of here,'” said Julie Wachter, a former public school teacher who now works with a non-profit organization that educates teachers on the issues.

“We have parents to make that call.

We have to have parents come to us.

And we have to be willing to step forward and say something.”

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