Why Cincinnati Public Libraries Are Being Hacked

Hacking is a crime in the United States, but the problem has gotten a lot more complicated thanks to the internet.

A cyberattack by the Chinese government on two of the nation’s largest public libraries in October 2016 resulted in the theft of data on more than 100 million libraries.

But this week, it looks like hackers have gone even further.

The FBI has confirmed that the hackers who breached the libraries used an “operational code” to access information and “make fraudulent use of the credentials.”

The agency said it is working with the library systems to determine whether the hackers used the same code to breach the libraries of the rest of the country.

If so, the bureau is calling the breach an act of cyberterrorism.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing, but officials say the perpetrators are still at large.

It’s unclear how the attackers were able to gain access to the libraries, and the FBI has not identified the hackers.

The library systems have been shut down for two weeks as a result of the breach, and there’s no word on whether the libraries will reopen.

The hack was a major embarrassment to the city of Cincinnati, which is famous for its libraries.

It has more than 1,000 public libraries.

The libraries are home to the Cincinnati Zoo, the Cincinnati Children’s Museum, the Ohio Science Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Greater Cincinnati Public Library, the University of Cincinnati Museum of Science and Industry, and many others.

The Cincinnati Public library was the site of a major fire in 2018.

In 2017, the city announced it would be shutting down libraries across the country in response to the attack.