Why the Boston Public Schools are hiring a former teacher, not a janitor

The Boston Public School System is hiring a man with no prior teaching experience, but the school district says he has been doing a good job.

The district says the appointment was made at the request of the superintendent of public instruction.

It is not clear whether the hiring is linked to the school’s new cybersecurity policy.

Superintendent of Public Instruction David DeBartolo told Boston Public Media that the new hiring is a response to recent cybersecurity issues.

It also is not known how much time he has spent at the district since leaving his post last year.

The superintendent added that there are no plans to increase teacher salaries.

He also did not say how much the person would be paid.

The Boston Globe reported that the school system is considering hiring a new superintendent as early as June, but it did not specify what that person’s qualifications are.

A spokesman for the superintendent said in a statement that the hiring was approved by the superintendent’s office and that it would not affect existing positions.

The system’s new cyber policy requires teachers to wear safety vests and use hand-held devices during classes.

In a statement released Tuesday, the school board said it was taking a “careful and proactive approach to cybersecurity issues.”

Schools have been grappling with cybersecurity issues in recent years as hackers have used a variety of tactics to attack students.

In the past, the district has employed teachers from private companies and from outside schools, but that hasn’t always worked out.

Last year, the Boston Globe said a teacher in a private school district was fired after his students reported being targeted with malware.

In 2015, hackers targeted the school network, forcing schools to close for weeks.

Last month, the superintendent in charge of Boston Public schools told The Associated Press that he had not had a cybersecurity issue in his district for years.

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