University of New South Wales students take pride in the quality of their job, study finds

Public health jobs are often the most prestigious in public education, but a new study shows that university students enjoy higher wages and benefits than their public counterparts.

Key points:Public university students earn up to $42,000 less than their university colleagues on averageA new study finds public health graduates earn on average $44,000 more than their private sector counterpartsThe public sector pays about $1,000 higher for public health qualifications than private sector graduates, a study by the University of Sydney findsPublic health students earn on the average $42.33 more than the public sector and earn $44.00 more per year, according to the study.

University of Sydney’s study of 6,000 public health students found they earned an average $37,300 more than public sector graduates in 2015.

But the study also found that, on average, university students earned $42k less than private industry graduates.

The findings are based on an analysis of the wage and benefits of public health and allied health degrees by the New South Welsh Government.

The study also analysed the salaries and wages of about 500 students at the University’s public and private research university, the School of Public Health and Human Performance.

The average salary of the students at Public Health Sydney was $36,000.

Students at Public Life Sydney earned $43,300.

The study found that university graduates were more likely to be employed as consultants or staff members than students in the public service.

Students at the School were more than four times as likely to work in the community, including working on the frontline, as students in other public health departments.

The students at Sydney’s public health university were also more likely than their counterparts to earn more than $150,000 a year.

University of New York study finds universities pay more for students with PhDs than in other disciplinesA new University of Toronto study found students with degrees in public health earn about $50,000 over their lifetime compared to $34,000 for other PhD students.

“This study suggests that higher education provides more opportunities for public service graduates to earn higher incomes than those with more post-secondary education,” the report says.

A public health PhD student in Australia earns about $66,000 compared to a public service graduate in the US earning $69,000, the report found.

According to the OECD, a PhD in public policy is worth $1.25m a year, or $80,000 in total, compared to just $14,500 for a public health degree.

The report says it is not clear how public health grads make their money.

But the OECD study also suggests students in universities with higher levels of public spending may have more purchasing power and thus may earn higher wages.

Public health grad students in Australia earn more from education than from the workplace, according the study, but it is unclear how much this difference is explained by the difference in pay.

In 2016, Public Health Australia said it has about 5,000 students from the public health field.