When a school gets $40 million to build a new gym for a public school

MINOT, N.D. — Teachers and administrators at a public high school in northeastern North Dakota will get $40.6 million to help build a gym for the school.

The North Dakota Board of Education approved the funding package Monday, with Superintendent of Schools David Linton saying the gym would be a “good thing for the community.”

“The school is doing a great job with the gym and we’re glad that we’re helping them out with that,” Linton said.

“The gym is a good thing for kids, especially in rural areas.

It’s a good way to get in shape and get more exercise.”

The gym will be built at the North Dakota High School for Girls, in rural South Dakota, which is about 10 miles north of Fargo.

It is the first new gym in North Dakota to be built in over a decade.

In recent years, North Dakota has seen an increase in the number of public schools with gymnasiums.

North Dakota’s high school students are expected to be among the most active in the country this fall.

About 3,400 students attend the high school.

The district will spend about $20 million to create a gymnasial for the students, according to the school district.

North Dakota Public Schools Superintendent of Public Instruction David Lintington, who also serves as chairman of the North Dakotan Teachers Union, said the school’s high schools are the “best performing in the state,” with the most students participating in athletics and recreation.

Linton said that while there are many reasons why North Dakota high schools can have gymnasia, the gymnasius is a positive addition to the high schools curriculum.

“It’s a great addition to our program because the kids are doing so well, the facilities are going to be used and they’re going to get a great workout,” Lintinton said, adding that the gym will allow students to stay active during summer vacations.

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