How to pay your bills in Florida, public schools

Public school districts in Florida will be paying the bills on their behalf this week, as a state court order requires them to do.

The Florida School Boards Association is urging its members to take advantage of the court order and pay their own bills.

It’s a win for Florida taxpayers and the public schools, said David DeMarco, president of the Florida School District Association.

He said the order was an opportunity to be more transparent about what the district is up to, and that it helps keep the system on track.

We have a responsibility to our students, said DeMarco.

That is what the order is there for, he said.

The court order, issued Monday, was signed by Judge Timothy Kocher and signed by Florida District Judge Robert C. Hagen.

It’s the first court order in the state directing the state’s schools to pay their bills.

The order requires Florida public school districts to comply with the court orders and pay for the costs of the state-funded education program that allows them to operate schools.

That includes the cost of administering the program and paying for teachers, aides and other staff.

Public schools have been able to pay bills in part by using an income-based tax credit.

But since the program is administered by the state, the district will have to pay for it.

DeMarco said the association has already been reimbursed by the district for the cost to administer the credit and for paying its own bills, but he added that this is only the first step in the process.

“The money is already going to the school district, and we’re hoping that we can get some more reimbursement,” he said in an interview.

The association said it will also be reimbursing the district’s employees and other costs, including the cost for staff to be able to access the school computer system.