The Great Barrier Reef, the future of our seas and what you need to know about the Great Barrier reef

Posted July 16, 2020 18:59:46The Great Barrier Barrier Reef is in the midst of a period of rapid decline.

The Great Ocean Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is now proposing to close the popular public park to visitors.

The proposed closure is based on a report from the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Engineering, which says that the reef is at a critical stage of decline.

“The current climate is not conducive to reef health and viability,” the report said.

“The most recent projected state of the reef will likely lead to further coral bleaching in 2035, increasing the likelihood of the Great Antarctic Barrier Reef dying out in the next century.”

But the Government has refused to commit to closing the park to the public.

Instead, the Government is using the report to argue that it is not an issue that is directly affecting the Great Barrier Reef, but rather a problem of the management of the parks resources.

The Reef Authority, which represents the park, says it is looking for alternatives to the closure, such as the building of a new marine park on the Great Northern, the north-west section of the park.

The Government is also proposing to remove some of the iconic marine parks features such as whale watching.

But in a statement, the Reef Authority said it would continue to work with the park’s staff and management to provide a strong, sustainable, safe and sustainable visitor experience.

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