Schools to reopen as planned on Saturday

NEWTON Public Schools has announced that it will reopen for the first time since November 7, as the Government works to make the district more secure.

Key points:Newton Public Schools reopened on Saturday morning after more than three weeks in lockdownAfter more than a month in lockdown, the district had reopened its doors on Friday night, with students back in classes as normal.

Key factsNewton has been in lockdown since November 14 when an armed gunman opened fire on students in the city’s CBD, killing nine people.

The lockdown lasted until January 17, with many schools closing and other services being shut down.

The district reopened on Friday, with the last students out at 9.45pm.

The Government has yet to make a decision on what to do next.

A number of local businesses and government agencies had been put on lockdown by Monday evening.

The Victorian Government has said it will invest $1.6 million to provide extra security measures to Newton.


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