How to make public schools look like they were built for white males

By now, most people have heard of the infamous “white privilege” argument.

It was brought up in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when a series of allegations of sexual harassment and assault against prominent men and women made headlines.

The argument was a simple one: if white people were able to benefit from public schools and colleges, they would be doing so because they had “earned” it.

That’s a common argument in the alt-right world, which has its roots in white nationalism and white supremacy.

It’s a tactic often employed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups.

The alt-left also uses the argument, though it’s often used in the context of racial issues.

The white privilege argument can be seen as a way to counter a lot of things in education and public policy that the white nationalist movement has been saying for decades.

It has the benefit of being relatively simple to refute, which is why it’s sometimes embraced by mainstream conservatives.

In recent years, the alt left has made a number of gains on its agenda, including in state legislatures and statehouses across the country.

One of those states, New Hampshire, is taking a hard line on this, and in September, the state legislature passed a bill that bans schools from using the “White Privilege Theory” in any form.

“The term White Privilege is a tool used to undermine the legitimacy of public schools because it suggests that the public is not fully represented in their classrooms,” New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a Democrat, said in a statement at the time.

The state senate also passed a resolution in June that banned “any and all forms of racial bias and racial stereotypes in education,” according to The Boston Globe.

The resolution also states that public schools must “exercise caution in the presentation of race in classrooms.”

In New Hampshire alone, more than 2,000 schools have passed the state’s “white-privilege” ban, according to the state news agency, the Concord Monitor.

Sununu is not the only politician to make use of the argument.

In December, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a similar call for the state to ban the term.

“The term ‘White Privileges’ has become a buzzword for the alt right.

In my opinion, it is not helpful for any student in a public school to be subjected to racist and sexist messages, including messages that equate the white race to slavery,” Walker said at the Time to The New York Times.

A spokeswoman for New Hampshire Gov.

Maggie Hassan, who is also a Democrat but is running for president in 2020, said the bill was intended to address concerns about the school system’s use of “white privileges.”

“The bill states that the school districts are not to use terms or stereotypes to teach the differences between groups,” said Jennifer Flanders, a spokeswoman for Hassan’s office.

“White privilege” has become part of the alt alt-whiteist lexicon and has been embraced by some in the Trump administration, where the term is a common talking point.

In the White House, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders referred to it as “the myth of white privilege.”

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, the president said that the White Supremacists are the real racists.

“If they’re the real racism, then the president of the United States, you know, he’s the real racist,” Trump said.

“We’re going to end it.”

The White House has repeatedly denied any intent to exclude students of color from the education system.

“When we talk about the White Privileves, that is not an intentional thing, that it’s not intentional, it’s just a fact,” the spokesperson told the Associated Press.

But a look at the history of the “white supremacy” argument tells a different story.

“We all know that white people, they have a lot in common,” said Andrew J. Goldstein, a professor of political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“But we also know that when it comes to social justice issues, they’re not always the same.”

The alt-Left has made no secret of its disdain for the concept of “whiteness.”

In 2015, the group the Daily Stormer released a white supremacist manifesto called The Dangers of White Supranationalism, in which it argued that white supremacy is the “real threat to Western civilization.”

The manifesto also argued that people of color were “white supremacists,” who were “working to destroy our civilization and the White Race,” and that “white genocide” was the “only way to save our civilization.”

In his speech on Tuesday to a rally of white supremacists in New Hampshire’s state capitol, Trump said that he and his administration had already been working to address “the real racism in America.”

He also made the claim that there were “people out there that are really very smart and talented

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