Students ‘liked’ Facebook posts about millard public school

A schoolboy in the town of Millard in Northern Ireland has told how he found his classmates talking about their school’s school uniform and the “likes” they got on the school’s official Facebook page.

The boy, who did not want to be named, said his friends had been discussing Millard’s uniform with him as he was on the bus to his local primary school.

The student, who is from Fermanagh, said that his classmates were discussing their uniform as they walked to the bus stop.

The bus stop was full, and the boy, he said, was standing by the bus, and as he walked towards the bus stops, he saw some people walking towards him and saying “it’s cool to like Millard”.

The boy said he noticed this, but was still confused, as he didn’t know if he should like Millards uniform.

He said: “Then I saw the bus coming, and I thought ‘oh, I want to go on the buses’.”

I had to look it up.

The school uniform is very popular with Millards students.

“The boy went to the school and was told that Millard is a public school.

He told The Irish News that he liked Millard more because of the uniform, which is designed to look like the school.”

The school uniform has got lots of people liking it.

They’re just like ‘oh they’re really nice’.

“But there’s not many people liking Millard, it’s very hard to get the likes on the page.”

The school principal, who declined to be identified, said the uniform is a great fit for students, with the pupils being able to wear their school uniform in the hallways and on the streets.

He added: “We always ask that we try to keep the uniform uniform to a minimum.”

However, the principal said the school is now working on the uniform and making sure it is more of a fitting fit for the pupils.

The school’s website has more than 20,000 likes, the majority of which are from pupils from Foy, an area which has a large Muslim community.

However, Millard and other Catholic schools in the area are not part of the Muslim community, and have a strict dress code.

The Irish Times understands that a school in the neighbouring area, St Stephen’s, was recently asked to make changes to its uniform to include more Muslim pupils.

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