Which schools have been forced to close due to the Ebola virus outbreak?

Public school education in the US has been shut for the second time in two weeks amid fears of a pandemic.

A statement from the US Department of Education says that a district in Texas has decided to close all public schools due to “ongoing high teacher absenteeism”.

The statement says the district has “received a significant number of reports of teacher absenteeities, which have resulted in a significant burden on our district’s resources”.

The district has sent out a letter to students, parents, and teachers to inform them of the decision.

“The district is making this announcement today in the wake of reports that many teachers and students in the district have been absentee at least in part because of the ongoing outbreak of the Ebola Virus,” the statement said.

“In order to ensure that all students, teachers, and staff in the Dallas Public Schools community have access to the best educational opportunities, we have decided to terminate our schools on Monday, February 14, 2018.”

The district closed schools on February 13 after two teachers died.

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