How a woman’s story inspired a new documentary about the 2016 election

Posted February 06, 2019 14:37:16When I first heard that the movie, “We Voted,” had been nominated for a 2018 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, I couldn’t believe it.

It was the first time I’d heard of the film, and it was about the election, and how it was a big deal.

It’s a film that has had its critics, but the movie itself is so compelling that I’m still going to go see it, despite the fact that I know the critics won’t be happy with it.

The movie is called “A Woman’s Story.”

I was introduced to the film through a Facebook post from one of the movie’s stars, a 23-year-old actress named Shonda Rhimes.

It’s been the film’s theme song since the very beginning.

In “A Women’s Story,” a woman named Shondaland (played by the film star and executive producer Shonda) is a waitress at a diner.

She’s been there for over a decade, and the place is full of people from all walks of life.

One day, she finds a note that reads, “You’re the first person I’ve ever seen who says she voted for me.”

Shondalands mother, Marissa, is a single mother.

She lives in the same neighborhood as Shonda, and they both have jobs.

Marissa is in her mid-30s, and Shonda is her age, and she is struggling to make ends meet.

She is single and has a baby on the way, and is working a part-time job, so Shonda’s mother is working.

One night, when Shonda and Marissa are talking, Shonda asks her mother what she voted on.

The response, Shondalia explains, is “I voted for Trump.”

“You voted for the president, right?” her mother asks.

Shondalia asks her what her reasons are for her vote.

Marisa says she doesn’t know.

“Why are you telling me this?” she asks.

Shonda says, “Because I voted for you.”

Marissa is shocked.

She says, You voted for someone who’s not a good person.

The reason I voted was because you’re my friend.

“It was a very strong message to her,” says Shondala.

“I don’t know why she said that, but she didn’t like Trump.”

Shonda, a single mom, is shocked that she was voted for.

She goes on to explain that she didn: voted for her son, a young, single-parenting woman, who is also a Republican.

She tells Marissa that her vote helped her and her son “be able to be part of the conversation.”

She then adds that her son’s father is “not an ideal candidate, but I can’t vote for somebody who is an asshole.”

Marisa is surprised that she has voted for a woman.

“That’s such a strong message.

That really is something.

Marisha asks her if she has to tell her story to anyone. “

She goes to find her mother.

She is shocked when Marissa tells her she has never voted for anyone in her life. “

No, I can just tell you that I was the one who put that [message] in the note.”

She is shocked when Marissa tells her she has never voted for anyone in her life.

“Oh my god.

She doesn’t understand why you’re talking to me.

You’re telling me what you don’t understand.”

Marissa then asks Shonda to tell the story of her own election.

Shonda agrees to speak with Marissa about what it was like to vote for Trump.

She explains that her story is one that’s been repeated thousands of times, and that her mother is not happy.

She talks about her mother, who had been a single parent for almost two decades.

She tells Marisa that her father was a good man who wanted to help.

Mariams story is the same.

She was a single person who couldn’t find a job.

She wanted to go back to school and earn her degree.

Marissa asks Shondali, “Do you remember your first night of voting?”

Shondali remembers the first night.

It felt like it was yesterday.

I was in bed.

I woke up, and there were these people at my door, and I looked at them, and my mom was at the door, crying, and told me that she had voted for Hillary.

She cried for like an hour.

She had to take a shower, and then she got up, walked over to the door and started crying.

I said, What are you crying about?

I’m going to call the police.

I called the police because she wasn’t able to find a home for her baby.

Marishas phone rang.

I asked the guy who answered the phone, ‘What’s going on?’

“I said, Marisha, what’s going to happen to

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