The best smartphone cameras of 2018

On paper, the HTC 10 seems like a pretty great device.

The 10, however, has a number of significant drawbacks, including a rather bad camera and the inability to shoot video.

With the right software, though, the phone can capture some really nice video, and it can even record HD video, too.

That’s what we’ll take a look at in our hands-on impressions of the HTC ten.

If you’re just tuning in, the video below is a 1080p HD video that captures the entire HTC 10’s display at a frame rate of 60 frames per second.

If that’s not enough to convince you to get your hands on a phone with a 1080 p display, though—or if you’re not interested in watching the video—then read on to find out how the HTC nine can record high-quality video in 720p.

First, we’ll start by getting the HTC eight in HD, then we’ll check out the HTC 12 in 720P.

We’ll also look at the HTC 9, HTC 10, and HTC 10S, which we’ll also take a closer look at this week.

Before we get to the video, though (and before you get too excited), we have a few more things to talk about.

HTC 10 in HD We’ve got the HTC Ten in HD.

We know that 1080p is a pretty good resolution, so we’re going to get the HTC seven in HD as well.

This time, however—the HTC ten—we’re going all-out with 1080p.

HTC will show you in real-time exactly how it captures a 720p image.

It’s not a very complicated process.

First off, HTC will capture a 720P image in real time.

The camera app is already showing a video of the entire display in HD; this time, we’re only going to capture the first frame of the video that is shown.

The HTC ten also has a built-in video recorder.

This is not the first time HTC has included a video recorder in its devices.

HTC included a built in camera in the HTC One X back in 2013.

The feature was later added to the HTC Desire 820 in 2015, but it was removed from the HTC device in 2018.

The built-induction camera, like the built-ins of most phones, is a relatively inexpensive and relatively simple option.

For the HTC eleven, however and the HTC 8X, the camera is more expensive, and is a lot more complicated to use.

HTC has gone ahead and included a dedicated camera in its new HTC ten (called a 1080P camera) in the new HTC phone.

HTC’s new HTC 10 has a new camera module that allows it to record video in high definition.

HTC doesn’t call the new camera a “camera,” but rather a “capture camera.”

It’s the name given to the device’s camera module by HTC to distinguish it from the other cameras on the HTC line, including the HTC Evo and the new Desire 820.

This new camera, called a 1080D camera, is much more advanced than the previous camera module, which was a regular 720p camera.

Like the 720P camera, the 1080D module also uses a new software feature called “PixelSense.”

This new feature allows HTC to capture video in real world time.

It works by analyzing a large number of different pixels in the scene and using a special algorithm to detect the pixels that are the best fit to the scene.

In this case, it identifies which pixels are closest to the camera and how they should be positioned relative to the image.

HTC says that the pixelSense software works by identifying pixels in real scenes and then matching them to the exact location of the camera in order to match the best possible photo.

That works pretty well, and since the HTC camera module can capture 1080P video in the 720p resolution, it’s pretty useful.

But HTC has also made a few changes to the existing 720p and 1080p video capture modes.

First of all, it no longer captures video when the device is on standby.

In the past, if you wanted to capture 1080p or 720p video, you had to power off the device and then restart the camera app.

Now, HTC has changed the video capture mode to the standby mode.

So you no longer need to power the device off while recording video, which should make it much more convenient for video capture.

The next major change in the video recording mode is that HTC is going to be able to capture 720P video without any of the other camera features that it’s used to.

This means that if you are in a low-light environment, such as a cafe or a public bathroom, you should have no problem capturing 1080P and 720P at the same time.

HTC is also going to include a camera mode that will allow you to record 1080P videos at a faster frame rate.

The video capture speed in the standby video mode will be about 1.2 frames per minute.

HTC may be able get away with this for

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