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More than 20 percent of Fargo public schools will be shut down by 2020 under budget deal

By JOSEPH LABANESE and JASON LEVYAssociated PressA proposal to close the Fargo Public Schools by 2020 and replace them with charter schools and a voucher system has been approved by the Legislature’s Finance and Budget Committee.

The legislation passed 2-1 in the House on Tuesday and is now awaiting Senate approval.

It is expected to become law before the end of the year.

The proposed legislation would close all but two schools, including the former Bismarcks high school.

The bill would also close Fargo Public schools for four weeks a year, except during the holidays.

The charter schools would include a high school and a middle school.

They would have to operate under the charter school charter law, but the Legislature has approved the district’s current charter law.

The proposal also would require the district to keep track of enrollment and to create a voucher program for students from low-income families.

The voucher program would allow students from Fargo’s poorest and most marginalized communities to attend private charter schools.

The district would have a one-time $1,000 voucher for each of the children.

In a news release, the district said it plans to hire about 150 full-time staff members and about 50 part-time staffers to work in schools for students who need special instruction or are students of color.

The district said its new budget proposal will provide additional funds to meet the increased staffing needs and improve the school’s academic and learning outcomes.

The Fargo school district said in a news conference Tuesday that the proposed funding plan includes $1 million to hire 50 new teachers and $750,000 to hire 100 new teachers.

The new budget plan includes a proposal to allow students to take classes at Fargo public elementary schools instead of a charter school, the school district announced.

Fargo public schools have been closed for the past two years.

Fargo Public Charter Schools, a nonprofit corporation, owns the high school, and the school has been open since 2009.

Fresno County schools will continue to open on the regular schedule for the foreseeable future.

Fargo school districts in California, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas will open on a different schedule.

Fremont, a school district in Illinois, is closing the district.

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How much does a ‘big school’ pay to keep kids in school?

When a small public school in Skokie, Illinois, closes its doors this fall, many will be leaving for new schools or jobs.

But a large public school system in the Midwest will not.

And there are reasons for that.

Public schools, which were created in the aftermath of the Great Depression, are among the most expensive public services in the nation.

They pay for many of the things students need to do, including attending school, going to school, taking classes, and doing extracurricular activities.

So, public school employees are well compensated and well compensated for the work they do.

But when they are gone, the schools can’t keep up.

In 2014, a report by the National Conference of State Legislatures concluded that public school teachers are underpaid in America and that teachers have a higher turnover rate than other school employees.

The report found that in 2012, the average teacher lost more than one year of pay because of the recession, with the average salary falling by more than 50 percent.

The federal government, too, has been reluctant to extend support for public school educators.

But there are signs that the public schools can adapt to the changing nature of their work.

The Department of Education is in the process of issuing guidance to state governments on how to fund public schools.

To help keep them afloat, state and local governments are paying public school districts for some of their services, such as uniforms and textbooks.

That helps pay for everything from teacher salaries to supplies for schools.

The federal funding is only part of the story.

Many public schools are also facing financial difficulties.

Many are facing financial pressures from the Great Recession and other economic downturns, especially for the poorest students.

Some public schools in some states are also closing or shutting down.

In Illinois, for example, a public school district in the city of Chicago will close for good this fall.

In 2016, the federal government set aside $1.5 billion for states and localities to make up for the loss of teachers.

It is not clear how much of that money will be available for schools to pay their teachers.

The Education Department said it is “working to address the needs of schools and other community organizations that have been impacted by the Great Jobs Act and its $2.5 trillion workforce investment.”

States and local districts that have already made the cuts that could lead to cuts in funding for schools can apply for funds from the federal program.

The Trump administration said it will work with states to make those payments.

But the Trump administration has also announced that it will not be able to provide a single dollar of federal money to states or localities that are facing severe budget pressures.

The Trump administration, which has spent $9 billion of taxpayer dollars to fight opioid overdoses and fund Medicaid expansion, will not provide federal support for states that face severe budget shortfalls.