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Why ‘public bathrooms’ in public schools are ‘bad’ and ‘unnecessary’

Some schools have publicly-accessible toilets, which some schools have not.

Others have private bathrooms that are accessible only to employees and guests.

In some schools, students use them to wash their hands and to relieve themselves in the school restroom, not to pee.

And in some schools that are located within walking distance of a school, students walk around the school building with the facilities open to students, not on the floor.

The purpose of public restrooms, which is to protect privacy and safety, is to allow students to use the facilities.

Public restrooms are not always in use, and there are many schools that have them available.

But some school districts, like Montgomery County, Md., are using them for some students only.

Public schools are not required to allow public restroom access, but they do often have them.

The school district in Montgomery County has not had a bathroom for students since January, when it switched to a closed-circuit TV camera system that allows for students to see what they’re doing in the bathrooms.

In the school year, students in the district have to be at least 12 years old to use public restrooms.

Public bathrooms also are not common at other schools in the county.

But it’s a common practice in some private schools.

Students in those schools, which are public but run by private organizations, typically use them for things like taking a shower or changing clothes.

And if they’re not at school, they might go to the bathroom in the dining hall or the bathroom outside.

The Montgomery County school board has not decided how to make use of the restroom facilities, but the board has a process in place for deciding how to use them.

In Montgomery County schools, toilets can be used at most of the buildings, though some students have to use separate restrooms for the men and women in the class.

In fact, it is possible for a student to use a restroom at a different school for a while and then return to the same school for the rest of the day.

There is a restroom in the cafeteria, and it’s open 24 hours a day, but students usually can use it as long as they are not in the gym or the library, the Montgomery County district attorney said.

In public schools that students attend, they must use the restroom in their own bathrooms, but not at other places, such as the cafeteria.

Public bathroom use has become a topic of discussion in recent years.

In 2014, lawmakers passed a bill in the Wisconsin Legislature that would allow public schools to allow restrooms for students and staff in their classrooms.

That bill, which had not been fully implemented, had prompted the board of education to review how to handle restroom access in public school buildings.

Last year, the board passed a rule that required all school facilities in the state to have a toilet open 24/7 and at least one in the building open 24-hours a day.

But that rule was challenged in federal court.

The board said it was not required by federal law to change the rules because the Wisconsin Constitution requires schools to follow state law, which requires them to allow the public use of restrooms for those students and employees.

The lawsuit says that, even though the state constitution prohibits the use of school restrooms, the school board was not obligated to comply with the federal law because it was a voluntary state statute.

The district has filed a request for a preliminary injunction that would prevent the school from enforcing the federal statute and would prevent any future attempts by the school district to change its policy.

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