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Which New York City public school is the best?

Mac’s Public House in Williamsburg has been closed since October to fix its pipes, according to the owner, Michael Stokes.

The New York Daily News reports that the closure was to fix a leak in the plumbing system.

Mac’s is a public institution, but not as public as it once was.

Macs, which closed in 2005, had over 100,000 students and teachers, according a press release.

“I don’t think we’re ever going to have the same kind of visibility we had,” said Mr Stokes, who was the head of the school district in 2009-10.

“But I think Mac’s will be a little bit different.

I think that the community will see it as a little more of a community institution and not just an educational institution.”

The press release from the school board says the closure “is an ongoing, ongoing process and has been for the last two years”.

A spokesman for Mac’s said the closure will be temporary.

“The school district and Mac’s have been working together to address a leak of piping and other plumbing issues that occurred in February.

We are confident that the repair process will be completed as quickly as possible,” the statement said.

The Mac’s was closed for repairs, but it’s not the first time Mac’s has had plumbing issues.

In 2014, Mac’s closed its library, which was also shut down due to pipes.

Mac Stokes says he’s been working with the New York Department of Education on a plan to reopen the school.

New York Public School spokesperson Liz Rizzo said she was unaware of any other public school closures in New York, and said the school is open to any suggestions from the community.

“We have a lot of staff and students who live in the area, so we are looking at options,” she said.

“It is something we are very aware of.

I don’t know what the timeframe is.”

How to spot the public squirts in Eugene Public Library’s public library

Public squirts can be everywhere.

Whether it’s a public library patron or a member of the public, public squirting is a common sight.

In fact, public libraries have been known to catch public squirted visitors at their own doorsteps.

Here are some tips to get the public to stop and take notice:1.

Don’t take it personally2.

If you see someone who appears to be squirting, take it in stride3.

You’re more likely to catch a public squirter than a public urinatorIf you see anyone squirting in your library, call the library and ask them for a report.

If they won’t report the squirters, report them to the Eugene Police Department.

You can also send them a photo of yourself squirting on the street or in public.

The Eugene Police will report the person to the Oregon Department of Justice.2.

Don´t get caught in the public restroom.

If someone tries to urinate on you in a public restroom, don’t squirt in.3.

If a person is urinating on your car, don´t squirt.4.

If there is a public toilet available, don�t squush it.

If you think someone has squirted on you, you can tell by the color of their pants or shirt.

If your pants are dark, your squirt may have been coming from the public urator.

If a person’s shirt or pants are yellow, they have probably been squirted.

If the person’s pants are orange or purple, it is likely they are squirting.

If someone’s shirt is red, it may be because the person has squirtbed in the restroom.5.

If the person urinates on the sidewalk, it´s possible that someone was standing in the way of them.

If this happens, call 911 and ask for the person who squirted you to come out and give the person a urine sample.

If they have squirted, the person will be interviewed and will be issued a citation.

If no citation is issued, the squirt is not considered a public offense.6.

Do not ask someone to squirt for you.

Ask someone to pee on a blanket or on a bench.7.

Do NOT squirt on someone who is on a public bus, subway or subway car.

If it happens on a subway, get off the train.8.

If an individual is standing in your public bathroom, do not squirt directly on their back.

The person will likely get their nose in your private toilet.

If that happens, take a photo and contact the Eugene Public Libraries 911 line.

How Hillary Clinton’s campaign has changed its playbook

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook has changed the way he conducts his daily communications, as his staff has developed a more effective use of social media.

It’s part of the campaign’s efforts to position its presidential campaign as more relevant to the public, as it faces a daunting test of public opinion ahead of the November 6 election.

Campaign staffers are using social media to reach voters and get them to the polls in the most direct way, Mook said Thursday.

They are also taking the social media approach to reaching people who aren’t normally active on Twitter.

I think this is something that we can all be proud of and I think that it really puts the campaign in a position to get voters to the ballot box and to get them excited about what they’re going to do, Mooks said at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C. In an interview with The Hill, Mookyc described the approach as more “direct” and focused on building relationships and getting people to the polling places as opposed to “strategic messaging” and social media outreach.

The campaign is working with social media providers to use the platforms to reach out to voters and encourage them to vote, Mouldsaid.

“We’ve got a new way of talking to people that’s really going to be a huge part of what the campaign is going to have to do over the next six months.”

Campaigns are taking the new approach to getting people excited about the election.

Mook said that the campaign would continue to engage with its supporters through their social media channels, even as the campaign focused more heavily on reaching voters in swing states.

Mook also said the campaign has started using the social platforms more often, even when they’re not in their best interest, to encourage people to get involved.

The campaign has begun to push its message more directly to voters, he said.

He called the new focus “a lot more direct, a lot more focused.”

“We have to have a better conversation about the issues,” Mook told The Hill.

“We have an election to win and I believe that people are going to want to know what’s really on the line.”

Mook has been more proactive in communicating with voters in recent weeks, particularly during the last week of the primary season.

Mook is planning a three-day campaign stop in Ohio, a state where the campaign hopes to capture more of the white working-class vote.

Mooks team is using social networks to reach people who are not normally active in Twitter, according to a campaign official.

While Twitter has seen a significant uptick in popularity since the election, Maken said that social media is also used by some voters as a way to reach other people on Twitter to help them engage.

The social media platform is also a powerful tool for campaigning, the official added.

Twitter users have an array of tools to help reach voters, including a “tag” feature that allows people to tag specific tweets in the same post, and “dynamically retweet” features that allow people to share a tweet without it being viewed by the majority of their followers.

The official said that Mook’s campaign staff is also using the platform to build relationships with supporters through the use of text messages, phone calls and video calls.

This is something we have to get more of our people to do and we’re going through a transition that we’re seeing in social media,” Mooks official said.

Trump’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Wednesday, a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, Rebekah Mercer, was accused of using a fake email address to try to sway the public opinion against Trump during the election campaign.

Maken said the Trump campaign was looking into the accusation, but declined to comment further.

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