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US official: New federal aid to Mississippi floods is ‘realistic’

The US government is spending $10 million to provide $30 million in federal assistance to Mississippi for Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the state earlier this month.

The federal flood insurance program, known as Section 1117, is providing disaster relief payments and emergency assistance for property owners and those who lose power.

The disaster relief fund, known by the acronym FEMA, is a separate program created by the Affordable Care Act, the Affordable Recovery Act and other federal programs.

The funds are being paid for by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which manages Section 1115.

The funding is not tied to a specific flood risk or flood management program, FEMA said in a statement.

The aid will be used to provide up to $30.6 million in disaster relief for the state of Mississippi, according to the statement.

FEMA said it would begin the process for providing federal assistance in the coming days.

The Department of Health and Human Services said on Friday that Mississippi would receive $2.4 million in emergency relief payments for the flood.

FEMA is the lead agency for the federal flood disaster relief program.

The agency said it is responsible for coordinating the federal government’s response to the storm and coordinating with local authorities and state officials to identify and respond to flooding in the state.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant said on Twitter that the flood was the worst in history and called it a “catastrophe for the people of Mississippi.”

Hurricane Matthew caused widespread flooding and landslides in parts of Mississippi and the Gulf Coast, leaving more than $8.7 billion in damage.

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